Publication in 2014

Research Highlights: Molecular architecture of PTPN3-p38γ complex sheds light on structure-based drug design to antagonize Ras transformation   The complete article entitled: “Reciprocal allosteric regulation of ... Read more

Congratulations to TCM's research team, for the paper published in newspaper!!

Congratulations to TCM's research team, for the paper published  on the newspaper!! Please see the link ... Read more

Awards Received at the 2011 TSBMB Autumn Workshop

Congratulations to our Post-Doc Yi-Yun, Chen and MSc. student Yen-Jung, Chen received 1st and 5th prices in poster presentation on the 2011 TSBMB Autumn ... Read more

Awards Received at the 2011 TSBMB Autumn Workshop

Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Abirami for winning Second prize in oral competition (with a traveling fellowship sponsored by TSBMB) on the 2011 TSBMB ... Read more

Awards Received at the 2010 TSBMB Autumn Workshop

   Congratulations to our Ph.D. student Shu-Fang, Hsu and MSc. student Yun-Chung, Liu for winning Second and First prices in poster presentation on the ... Read more

Congratulations to Dr. Meng for winning the Dr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

      Congratulations to Dr. T.C. Meng for winning the 2009 Dr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award. The award is established by the National Science ... Read more

Congrates to Ying-Ru Hsu for winning "Excellence in poster presentation"

      Congratulations to our MSc. student, Ying-Ru Hsu for winning the 2010 "Excellence in poster presentation" award from the Institute of Biochemical Sciences, ... Read more

Zebrafish Model

Nitrite suppresses hypoxia-induced vascular leakage in living zebrafish embryos.Vascular leakage was visualized by fluorescent microscopy. Yellow arrowheads indicate hypoxia-promoted vascular permeability as indicated by severe microsphere extravasations. Asterisks indicate areas supplied with magnified views. Yellow lines indicate maximal distance of microsphere extravasations.(Circulation research, 109,1375-1386)

Lab Retreat

2015 Lab Retreat in Hualien "Research club on Academia Sinica Translational Medicine Program: New frontiers of mechanism-based study in cardiovascular disorders"

The crystal of PTP1B

The crystal of PTP1B was soaked with 1mM SNAP at room temperature for 20min and subjected to x-ray crystallography. (JBC, 283: 35265, 2008)

Farewell Party

Farewell party for summer interns

The actin cytoskeleton

The actin cytoskeleton in eye imaginal discs is regulated by Kette and PTP61F. (MCB, 29: 3623, 2009)

Year-End Party

2014 Year-End Party

Subcellular localization of Kette

Subcellular localization of Kette, actin organization, and lamella formation in S2 cells. (MCB, 29: 3623, 2009)

Lab Retreat

2016 Winter Retreat in Hualien

Proposed model

Proposed model for the organization of F-actin via concerted regulation of Kette by PTP61F and dAbl. (MCB, 29: 3623, 2009)

Christmas Party

2015 Christmas Party

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We are investigating the underlying mechanism that controls cell signaling networks in response to physiological and pathophysiological stimuli, such as nitric oxide, cytokine, steroid hormones, hypoxia and ischemia. Many critical biological processes are regulated by those signaling networks, for examples, cytoskeletal organization and function in ischemic heart and brain, inflammatory responses in blood vessels and metamorphosis during Drosophila development. These several important disciplines are our current interest in research works. To reveal the molecular basis for these biological processes and signaling networks, we have employed various the state-of-the-art techniques including mass spectrometry-based quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis, genetic approaches in mice and Drosophila, high power cell imaging and sophisticated surgical procedure in animals. The functional role of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) and caspases as well as thousands of PTP and caspase substrates in those biological processes and signaling networks is the primary focus in the laboratory.

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